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The Speel-O-Theek is closed until January 19th 2021 !

Updated on:
23 June 2018

Welcome at the website of Speel-o-theek Wageningen.
At Speel-o-theek Wageningen you can borrow toys and games. Our assortment (over 700 pieces) is divided in the categories Outdoor play material, Construction sets, Educational toys, Imaginative toys, Board games, Puzzles and Babies & toddler toys. We have toys and games for all ages, but the focus is on the age from 0 to 6 years. Welkom plaatjes 1

What is a Speel-o-theek (toy library)?
We are a toy library operating similarly as a public library does for books. Playing is important for children and toys help to develop co-ordination, concentration, problem solving and imagination.You can choose with or without your children a toy or a game and take it home for a couple of weeks.

Welkom plaatjes 2

Some reasons why borrowing toys, etc. from Speel-o-theek Wageningen could be of interest:
  • If you are not sure wether a specific game or type of toy is suitable for your child(ren), you can try it out at home.
  • You don’t have to buy all kinds of (expensive) playthings.
  • A bigger variety of toys and games comes within reach of everybody. This is especially interesting for people/families that are living in Wageningen temporarily.